Revised on Mar. 21st 【Schedule of Events】A Series of Activities on Residential Day during Spring 2024 in Asia University

  • 2024-02-17
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A Series of Activities on Residential Day during Spring 2024 in Asia University

【Important Announcement】Registration System:

  • Online Registration: Starting February 26, 2024, at 8:00 AM, registration for each session will gradually open. Visit the registration portal for details.
  • Online Cancellation: Cancel by 11:50 PM one day before the event.
  • Online Waiting List: Available until 12:00 PM on the event day.
  • On-site Registration: Walk-in registrations accepted from 6:30 PM to 6:40 PM if slots are available.
  • Suspension of Online Registration: Failure to attend or complete the questionnaire within the specified time will result in a one-year suspension from the registration system. However, walk-in registration is still possible at the event.
  • Note: Please cancel your registration/waiting list placement by 11:50 PM one day before the event if unable to attend to avoid future registration issues. Thank you.
  • Inquiries: For inquiries, message us on the official Facebook page "Asian Academy - San Pin Bookstore, Asia University 'Bookstore Day'". We'll respond promptly.
  • Waiting List Notification: If on the waiting list, the system will email your school mailbox or check the registration system for updates. No further notifications provided.
A Series of Activities on Residential Day during Spring 2024 in Asia University
Attendees: Asia University students only
Time: 18:30-20:30 ( Admittance: 18:15 - 18:30 )
NOTE: 1) All events will be conducted in Chinese.
2) Waitlist spots available; check your school email or registration system.     
3) Counts as Micro Credit Course; Register implies course enrollment, see the website for regulations.        
4) Not eligible for General Education Award; Student ID card required.    
5) Online registration only; cancellation deadline: one day before event.
6) Failure to cancel by the deadline or check-in by 18:30 will be considered forfeiting the session and result in a one-year suspension from online registration for all Three-virtue Academy activities (no EMAIL/phone/cancellations accepted).   
7) Mandatory event feedback by 21:00. Failure to submit will result in a one-year suspension from online registration for all Three-virtue Academy activities for those who registered but did not participate.   
8) Check official website for venue and equipment details.    
9) Select event creations support charity sales for social welfare.
Registration: Register now, visit
Supervisor: Office of Student Affair and Three-virtue Academy
Organized by: College of Asia Aesthetics, Center for General Education, Residential Colleges and Housing Service Section Co-organized by: HESP
Contact Us: 04-2332-3456 CHAN, WEN-LING #20102/ CHANG, HSIAO-YUN #20016 (Summit Hall); WU, LI-CHIEH #20059 (Blessing Hall); LIN, YI CHUN (Gratitude Hall) #1754; CHEN, CHUN-CHIH (Dreamweaver) #6174; MR. HUANG#3278, or MISS WU #3607
Date& Code Topic & Speaker General Literacy& Name of Residential Colleges Self-provided Stationery Introduction Number of applicants& Venue
113.03.07 Taste: The Tone-Deaf Training Course Nickie & M.J Excellence/ Dreamweaver NA Singing comes naturally to humans, yet why do some sound like angels while others struggle? Teacher Mi Xuanqi, a seasoned judge for various singing competitions, presents a special training course tailored for tone-deaf individuals. Beginning with the fundamentals of singing techniques, pitch accuracy, and vocal control, this course guarantees significant improvement in your singing abilities, equivalent to ten years of progress! 25 P
113.03.11 Taste: Enchanted Starlight Bottle Lamp Wang, Pei-Chen SDG3
Innovation/ Blessing
Scissors*1, Hair Dryer*1 Seeking to craft a distinctive indoor ambiance? Repurpose discarded glass bottles into a whimsical frosted effect reminiscent of a starry sky. When illuminated by vibrant colored lights, they exemplify the artistic essence of decor, allowing individual creativity to shine in a unique manner. 27 P
Inspiration Space in the basement of Summit Hall
113.03.12 【Charity Event】Character: Crystal Cave Bath Ball Hsu, Ting-Hsuan & Tseng Min Ju Health / Gratitude Small box for your work The Crystal Cave is rumored to harness energy, believe it or not. However, this bath bomb, infused with essential oils and crafted in the likeness of a sparkling crystal cave, is sure to elevate your bathing ritual with its uplifting energy. Not only is its bubble-generating design functional, but it's also a work of art. If you revel in luxurious baths, this is a must-have! 25 P
113.03.12     Quality: Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Chen, Yi-Ni SDG3
Excellence/ Summit
Please wear loose clothing during the course. Clothes on shoulders, neck, hands and feet are easily exposed to facilitate massage.   With the rapid advancement of technology, modern life has brought unparalleled convenience. However, this convenience often leads to prolonged periods of sedentary behavior, resulting in poor circulation and metabolism. In this class, the instructor will guide you through a comprehensive massage technique workshop, focusing on relieving discomfort and minor ailments throughout the body. Additionally, aromatherapy essential oils will be integrated to promote overall health and balance. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to create your own personalized massage oil blend during the session. 30 P Inspiration Space in the basement of Summit Hall
113.03.14 SDGs: SDGs Character: I Am The Ultimate Leader Of SDGs! --Exploring SDGs Through Board Games Ma, Chia-Hsien SDGs
Care / Dreamweaver
NA Throughout the course, students will engage in playing board games created by the Wilderness Conservation Association. These games will serve as a pathway for students to explore the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), gaining insight into their significance and content, while nurturing the seeds of sustainability within their hearts. Subsequently, students will disseminate the concept of sustainability to those in their communities. 30 P
113.03.18 Character: Chakra Singing Bowl Yoga-- Healing The Sacral Chakra Chen, Yu-Chin /Health /Blessing Towels, Drinking Water Incorporate ancient Indian yoga principles to cultivate balance, coordination, and purification of the body's energy centers. Engage in yoga postures and breathwork to stretch the body and unblock energy channels. Experience deep relaxation with the soothing tones of singing bowls, alleviating emotional tension and fostering a tranquil healing journey for the mind, body, and soul. 18 P
113.03.19 Taste: Exploring Tang Dynasty Hairstyles And Makeup: A Historical Journey Lai, Hsin Yu Care / Gratitude Wearing a shirt or a top with a large neckline is convenient for dressing and undressing.
Hair: Pointed-tail flat comb, 1 pack of small black clips (10 pieces), 10 U-shaped clips, 5 black hair ties.
If available, bring: hair gel spray, 1 cotton swab.
Face: Come to class with your base makeup applied.
Makeup tools: brushes, blush, red lipstick, small lipstick brush, black eyebrow pencil, concealer.
Embark on a magnificent journey through time, delving into the allure of Tang Dynasty hairstyles and makeup. In this course, students will master the art of crafting iconic Tang Dynasty hair buns and applying timeless makeup, celebrating the grandeur of this illustrious era. Together, let's revive the beauty of Tang Dynasty makeup, unleash our artistic ingenuity, and immerse ourselves in the elegance and bold aesthetics of this bygone era! 25 P
113.03.19 Character: Eco-Bottle Art: Transforming Waste into Creative Masterpieces Su, Mei-Ling SDG15
Care / Summit
NA Utilizing transparent bottles to transplant various plant materials, mimicking nature's ecology, and crafting miniature ecological artworks that embody the practicality of floral art. 27 P
113.03.21 Taste: The Fantastical World Of Ventriloquist Little John  Little John Care / Dreamweaver  One Small mirror Ventriloquism, an ancient art form, is accessible to anyone willing to learn. Have you ever wondered if ventriloquists truly speak from their stomachs or how they produce sounds? This class not only addresses these inquiries but also equips you with the skills to excel as a professional ventriloquist! We're thrilled to welcome Taiwan's pioneering female ventriloquist, Xiao Qiangda, to lead this exceptional opportunity. Join us as we demystify ventriloquism, expand its reach, and embark on a journey into its enchanting world under Xiao Qiang's guidance! 25 P
113.03.25 -  Quality: Healing Trinkets: Multimaterial Designs Featuring Seeds Chang, Hui-Ju Innovation /Blessing NA Craft functional and visually appealing objects using seeds as a versatile material. 27 P Inspiration Space in the basement of Summit Hall
113.03.26 Quality: Crafting A Leather Business Card Holder And Id Wallet Liou, Fan-Jhen Care / Gratitude NA Do you find your business and personal cards scattered without a proper storage solution? Now, seize the opportunity to craft your own bespoke leather cardholder. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, master leather stitching techniques and select your desired colors and patterns to fashion a personalized and elegant cardholder. Join us in creating a meticulously crafted piece imbued with handmade charm! 25 P
113.03.26 Taste: Inheriting Traditional Cuisine And Artistry--Handcrafted Tricolor Sushi Su, Shu-Fen SDG3
Health / Summit
NA Infusing the concept of light cuisine preparation, we combine local fragrant rice with seasonal vegetables and fruits to craft a colorful array of sushi. This culinary venture not only delights the palate but also offers young students a hands-on experience in agricultural education. 27 P
113.03.28 Taste: Quick And Easy On-The-Go Eye Makeup Mango Health / Dreamweaver Mirror, skincare products, makeup, brushes, tissues MangoMangoMango16 Keen to master the art of quick eye makeup application? Join Teacher Mango as she shares the most efficient techniques to achieve stunning eye looks in record time. From selecting eyeshadow shades that complement your eye shape to mastering rapid makeup application, every secret will be unveiled. Whether it's a busy morning rush, impromptu gatherings, or last-minute touch-ups for special events, Teacher Mango will impart her wealth of experience and techniques to help you effortlessly master quick eye makeup. Rest assured, Teacher Mango will generously share her 16 years of makeup expertise with you. 20 P
113.04.01 Character: Exploring Movement: Let'S Play! Lin, Hsiao-Ting, / Care/ Blessing Wearing comfortable socks Introduce fundamental dance elements in a straightforward manner, integrating them into physical development. Utilize everyday movements and gestures to foster self-expression and creativity, culminating in the creation of a personalized dance piece. 25 P
Gym G201
113.04.02 Taste: Embark on a Flavorful Journey with our Plum Vinegar Feast  Huang, Shu-Hua & Lai, Bolin SDG11, 15  
Health/ Summit
NA Embark on a culinary journey to discover the exquisite allure of plum vinegar. This event offers a tantalizing array of plum vinegar tastings, inviting participants to savor each nuanced flavor. Guided by seasoned instructors, attendees will delve into the intricate production methods, cultural significance, and versatile uses of plum vinegar, gaining a deeper appreciation for this ancient elixir. Interactive workshops will provide hands-on experiences, where participants can either craft their own plum vinegar or partake in cooking demonstrations. Immerse yourself in the art of creation and culinary exploration as you unlock the secrets of plum vinegar. To culminate the experience, indulge in a feast of delectable dishes infused with the complex notes of plum vinegar. Through shared moments of tasting and camaraderie, forge lasting memories and culinary delights. Join us for an unforgettable voyage into the sweet and tangy world of plum vinegar! 30 P
113.04.02 Taste: A Feast Of Beauty: Experience the Art of Wagashi Making Wu, Shu-Ei Excellence / Summit NA Wagashi, meaning 'Japanese sweets,' encapsulate the seasonal essence and cultural richness of Japan. Handcrafted with care, they offer a journey of transformation, inviting moments of tranquility and joy. 27 P
Taste: Elegant Seed Earrings Su Fang Yi
Innovation/ Gratitude
If you have 'round-nose pliers,' 'needle-nose pliers,' and 'diagonal-cutting pliers' at home, feel free to bring them along. Amidst our campus, countless seeds await our appreciation. Abundant and awaiting discovery, these seeds hold immense potential. Through innovative combinations, we can craft earrings that are simple, elegant, and eco-friendly. By participating, you'll not only experience the satisfaction of creating but also adorn yourself with a distinctive accessory. Come, join us in celebrating the beauty of nature and expressing your unique style! 25 P
113.04.11 Taste: Premium Coffee Hand Brewing Course Experience Cai, Yi-Ning Health / Dreamweaver NA Led by a certified international coffee master, this course provides a simple yet effective method for brewing coffee. Designed for beginners without prior coffee-making experience, it enables them to swiftly acquire the skills needed to brew a cup of premium hand-drip coffee, rivaling that of a coffee shop. 30 P
113.04.29 Quality: Succulent Stone-Grinding Bonsai Chen, Yu-Cheng & Wang, Hsiu-Wen Excellence / Blessing NA The inspiration behind this project stems from my grandmother's stone-grinding floor. Let's begin by familiarizing ourselves with the stone-grinding process. By employing traditional techniques, we'll start from scratch and craft a 'stone-grinding bonsai,' promising an engaging and captivating experience!" 27 P
Inspiration Space in the basement of Summit Hall
113.04.25 Quality: Strategic Moves: Cash And Checks In The Game Of Go Lee, Yi-Fang SDG4
Excellence / Dreamweaver
NA The highly esteemed Teacher Yi-fang will be joining us this semester! The focus will be on practical on-site skills and decision-making in the game of Go, where you become the master of this Go universe. Using the Golden Circle theory, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the universe, while Teacher Yi-fang will guide you in devising strategies and forging your own path in the world of Go. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of Go, this course will delve into its strategy and tactics, along with engaging gaming activities. Our aim is for students to uphold the essence of Chinese culture, foster concentration, logical thinking, resilience (AQ), cultivate noble character and elegant temperament, and strengthen interpersonal relationships. 25 P
113.04.30 Quality: Clay Creative Fur Baby-Animal Shape Kneading Dog  Chiu, Chun-Yen Care / Gratitude  Small box for your work Unlock the art of crafting lifelike dogs with easy-to-follow super light clay sculpting! This course seamlessly integrates basic anatomy insights, empowering you to grasp fundamental sculpting techniques and capture dynamic animal postures. Whether you're a crafting novice or seasoned enthusiast, our promise is a delightful learning journey, where you'll effortlessly bring your own dog artwork to life in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere! 25 P
113.04.30 Taste: Lemon Burst Mini Cupcakes  Tung, Chin-Nan Excellence / Blessing  Bowl, Chopsticks Learning how to make delicious and easy-to-create pastries. 27 P Inspiration Space in the basement of Summit Hall
113.04.30 Quality: Crafting Healing Pure Handmade Soap Chang, Ching-Sung. SDG 3, 9
Innovation / Summit
NA Throughout history, humans have relied on natural resources to effectively cleanse their bodies, with soap remaining a cornerstone in personal hygiene. In this activity, we'll delve into the rich history of soap, explore its diverse cultural significance, and delve into the soap-making process. Participants will have the opportunity to craft their own soap using pure natural oils, gaining hands-on experience in every step of the process. Beyond just acquiring knowledge, this course aims to provide a holistic experience, offering physical and mental rejuvenation through the art of soap-making. By the end of the course, each participant will leave with a handmade soap, carrying with them not just a cleansing product, but a tangible reminder of the transformative power of creativity and self-care. 30 P
113.05.02 【Charity Event】Taste: Continuous Loop Cowhide Stress-Reducing Phone Strap Sandra Chen & Molly Chen SDG12
Innovation / Dreamweaver
NA Amidst the myriad of mobile phone strap styles currently in vogue, our aim is to blend fashion-forward designs with practicality and individuality. Introducing a distinctive continuous-loop cowhide leather strap, designed with pressure reduction, seamlessly connecting two pre-treated cowhide straps at each end. Available in a variety of colors, students can mix and match these continuous-loop leather pieces to create their own personalized combinations and unique styles. The strap length is adjustable, allowing students to add or remove leather pieces as desired. Furthermore, students can customize their phone straps by punching holes and attaching clasps and fasteners to suit their preferences. 25 P
113.05.06 【Charity Event】Quality: Crafted Solid Wood C-Shaped Stand Chang, Chun-Jing SDG3
Care / Blessing
NA Transform repurposed solid wood boards into a functional and therapeutic C-shaped rack. Reinforced with crossbeams, meticulously assembled, polished, and treated with wood oil for durability, this piece embodies both practicality and healing attributes. 27 P Inspiration Space in the basement of Summit Hall
113.05.07 Quality: Thoughtful Scented Candles For Mother's Day Huang Yu Ting SDG12
Health /Gratitude
 Small box for your work After a hectic day, unwind your mind with the soothing aroma of scented candles. Join our course to discover the art of crafting simple yet stunning candles and infusing them with unique fragrances using essential oils. Gain insights into essential oils and candle-making techniques, transforming your creativity into tangible products. These handmade candles also make thoughtful Mother's Day gifts, offering warmth and tranquility to both yourself and your loved ones. 25 P
113.05.07 【Charity Event】Quality: Get Crafty and Eco-Friendly with our DIY Utensil Pouch Sun, Chong-Jie SDG 11, 15
Care /Summit
NA DIY Are you passionate about protecting the environment and reducing waste, but struggling to find the perfect utensil bag? Look no further! Join us for an exciting DIY session led by Teacher Xiao Mao, where you'll learn to create your very own cotton utensil bag from scratch. In this hands-on activity, you'll discover the art of natural dyeing, using plant-based dyes to color cotton fabric in vibrant hues. Explore various techniques to add unique patterns and designs to your fabric, unleashing your creativity in every brushstroke. Under Teacher Xiao Mao's expert guidance, you'll then master the art of sewing as you assemble your personalized utensil bag. From attaching buttons to adding elastic bands, every step will be a delightful journey towards crafting a functional and stylish accessory. Don't miss this opportunity to make a sustainable statement with your own handmade utensil bag. Join us and embrace an eco-friendly utensil pouch. 30 P 
113.05.07 Character: Farewell Comfort Zone: Embrace The Journey Into The World Of Performance Chen, Yu-Ni Excellence / Dreamweaver NA Yu-Ni, a graduate of Asia University's Early Childhood Education Department, is a young woman venturing forth on a path to fulfill her dreams. Throughout this course, she will recount her transition from the Early Childhood Education Department to the realm of performance, shedding light on the inspiration behind her musical compositions. Additionally, she will delve into the essential skills expected of a professional performer and strategies for maintaining a healthy psychological state. 25 P
113.05.13 Character : Chanting And Singing Bowl Resonance: Healing Practices In Traditional Chinese And Tibetan Medicine Chang, Mei-Chih  Health / Blessing NA Traditional Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine represent ancient wisdom that has been passed down through millennia. These disciplines encompass profound medical and philosophical principles, highlighting the interconnectedness of all aspects of the world. This course offers a succinct overview of the fundamental theories of these two medical traditions, focusing on methods to promote physical and mental well-being. Furthermore, it incorporates chanting and the resonance of singing bowls to facilitate self-awareness and inner exploration. 25 P
Gym G201
113.05.14 Character: Bamboo Fan In Hand: Embracing A Breeze Of Contentment Chang, Hsiu-Han SDG12 Innovation/Gratitude NA Bamboo is one of the most commonly used plants in traditional folk culture, and bamboo culture has been intertwined with the lives of common people for thousands of years. 'With a bamboo fan in hand, breeze fills the heart' invites you to experience the ancient craft of bamboo fan making, creating unique bamboo fans that evoke the cool atmosphere of summer days. 25 P
113.05.21 Quality: Voice Actor Night: The Art Of Sound Soaker Yang Excellence/Gratitude NA Do you have a favorite voice actor you admire? Ever wondered how voice actors master the art of voiceovers and effortlessly switch between different voices? Join us for a special event featuring the talented teacher Da Lai, a seasoned voice actor, who will impart invaluable techniques in pronunciation, voice modulation, and the art of versatile voice transformation. Whether you're a novice or seasoned enthusiast, this is an exceptional opportunity to enhance your expressive abilities and delve into the diverse world of voices. Join us for an enchanting evening filled with voice wonders, where you'll push the boundaries of your vocal capabilities! 25 P
113.05.21 Quality: Botanical Eco-Printed Tote Bag: Nature's Imprint In Fashion Lo, Jing-Yi & Liao, Yi-Han Innovation / Summit NA Participants can design their own stylish and eco-friendly tote bags using plant-based dyes and natural pigments, allowing nature's beauty to seamlessly integrate into daily life. 27 P